Japan, land of the rising sun, is known for its high civilization and enormous technological developments. Japan has to deal with some great challenges in civil engineering. The country is in coinstantaneous battle with nature. The islands, as Japan is much more than the largest island Tokyo is located on, must deal with not only the rising sea level, but also the imminent threat of tsunami’s and typhoons. The Japanese have developed some unique structures to deal with these threats. Flood drainage systems and man-made islands are quite common in this Asian country. Furthermore, there are many challenges upon the high density, like housing and transportation problems.

A main characteristic of Japan is the urbanization. 80 percent of the Japanese population lives in one of the seven largest cities. This high level of urbanisation creates whole new challenges for civil engineers. The Japanese have come up with ingenious solutions for these challenges. You can think of urban housing projects where skyscrapers are more like small cities, high quality public transport and public safety measures against earthquakes, tsunamis and flooding’s.

This makes Japan a perfect destination for the 2018 study tour!