About Osaka

Osaka is the most southern city that we will visit. The city has over 2,5 million inhabitants, but the metropolitan area counts up to 19 million inhabitants. This makes it the second largest metropolitan area of Japan after Tokyo. The skyline of Osaka is impressive with high rise building reaching till the horizon.

There are many bridges in Osaka, currently about 760 in total. Just like Tokyo the public transport system of Osaka is impressive and of comparable size. The city is considered the culinary capital of Japan, famous in Japan and abroad. Osaka is known for its fine sake, made with fresh water from the mountains. Furthermore, it offers many amusement parks, sports stadiums and temples.

The government of Osaka is focussing on sustainability for the future. Energy production should be done less harmfull for the planet, but also constructions are to be built in less harming ways.

This makes Osaka a very interesting city to visit during the study tour.