2016 – American Ambitions

In October 2016 a group of 25 students and five supervisors went to the United States of America as part of study tour ‘American Ambitions’. The United States is a country built around ambitions. Americans are known for striving to be the very best at everything they do. Even the famous American Dream is based around the fact that you can reach the top if you just have the ambition to do so. To match up against the world’s other power-houses innovations and new approaches are required to stay ahead of the game. This of course goes for all fields but specifically for Civil Engineering. Modern Civil Engineering challenges have gotten a lot more complex. This calls for custom-fit solutions for multidimensional problems. The goal of this study tour is to find out how these issues are handled in one of the world’s leading countries. In other words, how does the USA apply Modern Methods in Today’s Challenges?

More information can be found on their website: www.americanambitions.nl