f.l.t.r. Jeroen, Joost, Luuk, Willem and Anouk

Luuk Vonk

Hi! I’m Luuk Vonk and at the moment of writing this I’m 21 years old. I started studying Civil Engineering at the University of Twente in 2014. After I obtained my bachelors degree I started the Civil Engineering and Management Master with the focus on the River and Coastal Engineering track. My interest in water safety is only more feeded by the enourmous challenges that lie upon the Japanese. As an island state proun the tsunami’s but also highly populated and built cities the challenges they face are even more complex than here in The Netherlands.

Before I started the task of chairman of this committee I have also participated in the First Years committee, the Foreign European Trip committee and the Concrete Canoe Race committee. Although these committees gave me lots of pleasure, the current challenge is by far the most exciting. As chairman of the committee it’s my responsibility to coordinate the preparations of the study tour and keep everyone on track. I hope our combined effords will lead to an educational and joyfull trip to the beautiful country of Japan!

Joost Bult
Secretary and Treasurer

Hi, my name is Joost Bult and I’m currently 22 years old. At the moment, I am a fourth-year Civil Engineering student at the University of Twente. Just recently I obtained my bachelor degree and I am now working on my master in Transportation Engineering and Management. Interfaces of spatial planning and transportation, and public transport operation are the topics I am mainly interested in.

Next to the study tour, I am active within study association ConcepT as Chairman of the ConcepTueel committee. To lay-out our beautiful journal a few evenings a month during our famous lay-out evenings is one of my hobby’s. Other spare time is spent on ice speed skating, running and cycling.

I’ve always liked to keep track of budgets and such things. It is therefore that I wanted to become the Treasurer of this year’s Study Tour. Being responsible for such an amount of money makes it even more fun. Apart from that I see organizing a Study Tour with five other persons as a great learning experience. As secretary I hope I will grow in my communicative skills and learn how it is to work for a long time on one project: organise the study tour.

I am looking forward to getting to know a completely different culture and to be able to combine the best of two cultures in my later career.

Willem Trommelen
Public Relations

My name is Willem Trommelen, and I am the chief of public relations of Study Tour Join Japan. I was born in the south of The Netherlands, but I have already lived in Enschede for almost 4 years now. I am studying Transport and Logistics, which is a profile of the Civil Engineering and Management master program.

I travelled a lot before, but I think Japan is a country where a Civil Engineer can learn a lot. The culture is very different and new technologies are often used very soon in Japan.

My committee task is to manage that all participants have the opportunity to work at Dutch companies and municipalities to earn money for the tour before we leave in September. I think I can learn a lot from those tasks in this committee, because I gain a lot of work field experience with the meetings at companies and the telephone conversations. Those skills are things you do not learn at a university. I think the best part of this committee is the proud feeling we will have during our trip in Japan after a long time of organizing it.

Jeroen Scholten
Education officer and Excursion officer

Konnichiwa! My name is Jeroen Scholten and I’m 22 years old. I’m in the third year of the Civil Engineering Bachelor and I will finish the study after the study tour. After by bachelor I will switch to a Data Science master, because I like to make models and optimize these models. Next to my study I like to play some sports, like rugby and canoeing and have a drink with friends.

I’m responsible for arranging the excursions related to the theme of the tour. So that we will see the most beautiful engineering of Japan. I’m also partly responsible for the educational part, to ensure that everyone learns a lot from this tour.

Anouk van Daatselaar
Education officer and Travel officer

Hi, my name is Anouk van Daatselaar and I am 20 years old. I’m a third-year student Civil Engineering. I will finish the bachelor program and start the master track Construction Management and Engineering after the study tour. Besides my study I invest my time in multiple committees of study association ConcepT and of course organising the study tour. In the weekend I also like to go horseback riding.

I am the chief of travel and chief of education. As chief of travel I am responsible for the cultural activities and the travel details, like the plane tickets, hotels and food. Performing this function, I get to know about the culture and about all the extraordinary places Japan have to offer. As chief of education I am accountable for the shaping and guiding of the educational part of the study tour. I hope to learn a lot of the cooperation with the contacts in Japan, the education board and the study tour committee.